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How To Jailbreak Ios 8.2 In 2022

Last week I’ve tried to figure out how cheap Chinese AV to Wi-Fi signal converter (903W) works to be able to capture streamed video in my own application. For this purpose I needed access to jailbroken iOS device to run such tools as cycript and to have ability to dump decrypted iOS application binaries with dumpdecrypted.

In most cases jailbreaking modern iOS devices is a trivial process except devices that were updated to the latest iOS version. In my specific case I had my old iPhone 5 with iOS 8.2 available for experiments, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to update this device to anything but iOS 10.2.x. Jailbreak for iOS 10.2.x on iPhone 5 wasn’t available as of January 2017, so I decided to move on with already installed iOS 8.2 and try to jailbreak two-year-old OS with TaiG tool.

First of all, it should be noted that success of whole process depends on right combination of installed iTunes (Apple Mobile Device Support package on Windows) and jailbreak tool version, which, in turn, supports your iOS version. To be honest, I don’t feel myself comfortable running applications created by Chinese hackers on my work machine, that’s why I completed all steps below on my old HP XW6600 with installed Windows 7 on it. I didn’t consider virtual machine usage due to reported issues of TaiG Jailbreak Tool running on VM.

There are two jailbreak options available for iOS 8.x series from TaiG and Pangu, but only TaiG supports iOS 8.2 and available in both Windows and OS X versions. Last version of TaiG Jailbreak Tool for iOS 8.x is v2.4.5, but alas, it doesn’t work with iOS 8.2, installed on my iPhone 5. I’ve tried to run it with different iTunes versions, but had no luck. So I decided to rollback to v2.4.3 in conjunction with iTunes v12.1.2.27. Looking ahead I can say that this combination was successful and I was able to jailbreak my iPhone 5 with it.

TaiG Jailbreak Tool prevents you from running previous versions of application by checking the version of launched application with the last one available on TaiG homepage. This check is obligatory and blocking. Also it won’t allow you to run the tool when TaiG Update Check service is unavailable what happens sometimes.

So what can we undertake here? There are a lot of tools that allow us to view what requests are sent from our computer and what responses it receives. They are called packet sniffers or analyzers. Even the simplest one will cover our needs as we need to determine only URL of the Update Check request.

With help of HTTPNetworkSniffer we can figure out that TaiG Jailbreak Tool sends request to i_get_taig_pc_config.php with data GET parameter, probably, the current version signature:

Now, when we know this detail, we can emulate work of Update Check logic on our local server and point TaiG Jailbreak Tool to it.

But first we need to get successful Update Check request response structure. To get it we can run the latest TaiG Jailbreak Tool v2.4.5 and capture Update Check request URL with HTTPNetworkSniffer. Putting this URL into any browser will reveal JSON response structure that application gets in case of successfully passed check:

That’s all we need to emulate Update Check service. We can skip data GET parameter analysis as our Update Check service will respond with success for all application versions.

Let’s use simple web server Mongoose to host plain text file as i_get_taig_pc_config.php. Re-create next folder structure and put successful JSON response, mentioned above, into i_get_taig_pc_config.php.

Run Mongoose with following command-line arguments:

Final step – append Windows hosts file ( C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts) with new line to point TaiG Jailbreak Tool to our masqueraded service instead of genuine one:

Now we are ready to launch any version of TaiG Jailbreak Tool or reload already launched application by pressing Try Again button.

After approximately 15 minutes and several iPhone reboots you will get access to unrestricted iOS environment perfect for debugging and reverse engineering.

Speaking of APIs for updates check and beyond, use of secure HTTP instead of plain together with SSL pinning can make this type of attack more difficult or indeed impossible.

Ios 8.4 / Ios 8.4.1 Jailbreak

There are three system rooted jailbreak methods available for iOS 8.4 and iOS 8.4.1. This is the standard method and finally installs full functional Cydia. Also, Apple released iOS 8.4.4 for only Apple TV 3rd generation very recently with iOS 13.4 final release.

If you are a latest version user, refer to the following pages to get the latest jailbreak solutions.

iOS 14.4 Jailbreak

iOS 14.3 Jailbreak

iOS 14.2 Jailbreak

iOS 14 – iOS 14.1 Jailbreak

iOS 13.7 Jailbreak iOS 13 – iOS 13.6.1 Jailbreak

EtasonJB for iOS 8.4.1. Jailbreak

EtasonJB jailbreak released for all 32-bit devices running iOS 8.4.1 version. This tool was developed by tihmstar who brought Phoenix jailbreak tool for iOS 9.3.5 version.

EtasonJB is a fully untethered jailbreak and you do not need to run the Etason JB app whenever you restart the device. There are both PC required and Online methods available for Etason Jailbreak. You can get an Online method from the Silzee Online JB app. It is the easiest way to complete the Etason Jailbreak.

Compatible Devices


iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 (GSM)

iPhone 5 (Global)

iPhone 5C (GSM)


iPad 2 (WiFi, GSM, CDMA, Mid 2012)

iPad mini (WiFi)

iPad 3 (WiFi)

iPad 3 (GSM)

iPad 3 (CDMA)

iPad 4


iPod touch 5

Please watch the following video released by the developer.

Step Guide to EtasonJB Jailbreak (NO PC Required)

Step 01 – First you need to download zJailbreak or Xabsi third party app stores from the following buttons.

Step 03 – Open the Silzee online jb app. Tap On Etason JB app.

Step 04 – It will take a few minutes to complete the jailbreak process and finally, Cydia icon will be available on your homescreen.

Step Guide to EtasonJB Jailbreak (PC Required)

Step 01 – Download the EtasonJB jailbreak IPA file and Cydia Impactor from following download links.

Step 02 – Connect your device to the PC and Open the Cydia Impactor. Then it will detect your device.

Step 03 – Drag into the chúng tôi file to Cydia Impactor window.

Step 04 – Now it will ask your Apple ID & the password. Provide it.

Step 05 – Once it is complete, Impactor will start the install EtasonJB app to your device. This will take a few minutes. Once done, close it and go to your device.

Step 07 – Please be patient until the jailbreak process complete. Finally, it will install Cydia.

Etason JB Troubleshooting

Sometimes the Etason JB app will crash in a few days because of certificate expiration issues. Then users need to reinstall the Etason JB app to fix this.

Why do we need EtasonJB jailbreak?

Actually, iOS 9.3.5 operating system speed performance is a law on 32-bit devices. As solutions users can downgrade to iOS 8.4.1 the last version of iOS 8. But it needs to save SHSH blobs to complete the downgrade. If it is not, you cannot downgrade your device version to iOS 8.4.1.

However there is no any supported jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4.1 and as a result of that EtasonJB is out. Now users can speed up their old devices by downgrading to iOS 8.4.1 as well as jailbreak the device using this tool.

TaiG 2 for iOS 8.4 Jailbreak

TaiG 2 is the recommended method for iOS 8.4 jailbreak from Windows computer. This tool belongs to Chinese team called TaiG team. Your device is 100% safe if you download the correct jailbreak tools and follow the jailbreak guides.

Step 01 – Download the TaiG 2 premium from the following download button.

Step 02 – Then you have to register the TaiG 2 software. you will receive the registration code to your email after the registration of the software.

Step 04 – Open the settings on your device and disable Touch ID, Passcode and activate the “Airplane mode” of your device. Then connect your device to the computer using your USB cable. Then TaiG2 should detect your device.

Note – We do not recommend installing the 3K assistant. It is a pirated app store, and it only comes with Chinese language. It will not be useful to you if you cannot read the Chinese language.

Step 06 – Finally you will get an error as “storage full error”. It is really not an error, It is a part of the jailbreak process. Just skip it.

Step 07 – Now the jailbreak process is over. You can find Cydia on your device.

Also, Taig team successfully exploited all iOS versions of iOS 8 except iOS 8.4.1 released by Apple.

PP Jailbreak for iOS 8.4 Jailbreak

This is the recommended method to jailbreak iOS 8.4 for Mac OS users. Please follow this guide for the safety of your device. You are 100% safe to download the correct tool for your jailbreak process.

Step 01 – Download the latest version of the PP jailbreak tool from the following button. PPJailbreak tool comes as the dmg file. Therefore you have to extract the PP jailbreak software to the Applications folder of your mac computer.

Step 02 – Disable your touch ID, Passcode and “Find My iPhone” option, Activate the “Airplane mode” on your chúng tôi plug your iOS 8.4 device to your Mac computer.

Note: We do not recommend installing PP helper with the jailbreak process. It is a Chinese app store. It is not useful to you if you cannot read the Chinese language.

Step 04 – Tap on the continue button to start the jailbreak process. It takes a few minutes to complete it.

Step 05 – Finally you can find the Cydia app on your device home screen.

Read more about PPjailbreak.

Other approaches for Jailbreak for iOS 8.4

i0n1c : Popular German iOS hacker (i0n1c) released the Jailbreak for iOS 8.4 beta versions for the 1st time. However, he has not released this Jailbreak to the public. Sometimes Apple may have fixed the i0n1c jailbreak at iOS 8.4 public release. Therefore we do not have a clear idea about this jailbreak. Go to the i0n1c’s website to read more about i0n1c.

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Làm Sao Để Hết Mụn, Lam Sao De Het Mun

Một ngày đẹp trời, bổng nhiên khuôn mặt xinh đẹp của bạn tự dưng trở nên xấu xí vì những chiếc mụn đáng ghét. Làm sao để hết mụn nhanh chóng và cùng người yêu tung tăng dạo phố?

Những lời khuyên sau đây thực sự sẽ giải tỏa lo lắng này cho bạn:

Làm hết mụn bằng kem đắnh răng là thủ thuật được rất nhiều người sử dụng để trị mụn. Tuy nhiên, bạn chỉ nên sử dụng loại kem đánh răng trắng, những loại kem đánh răng có màu hay có các thành phần tạo lốc xoáy sẽ không mang lại hiệu quả như mong muốn. Thời điểm tốt nhất để bạn sử dụng cách trị mụn bằng kem đánh răng là ban đêm, hãy bôi kem đáng răng lên mụn trước khi đi ngủ và rửa sạch chúng vào sáng hôm sau. Bạn cứ liên tục làm như vậy cho đến khi hết mụn.

Benzyol Peroxide là loại thuốc tốt nhất để làm hết mụn nhanh chóng. Chỉ cần một chút Benzyol Peroxide là những chiếc mụn xấu xí kia sẽ giảm kích kỡ, bớt đỏ và dần dần biến mất. Benzyol Peroxide hiện nay được bán rộng rãi tại các hiệu thuốc. Tuy nhiên, vì nó là một dạng thuốc, vì vậy, hãy xin ý kiến dược sĩ về cách sử dụng và tác dụng phụ, để nó có thể phát huy tác dụng tối đa.

Một trong những sản phẩm được đánh giá cao trong việc điều trị mụn chính là kem là khô của Mario Badescu, bởi vì tác dụng mà nó mang lại giống như một phép lạ. Kem làm khô không chỉ có tác dụng trị mụn mà còn là giúp bạn che đi các vết thâm do mụn để lại. Khi trang điểm bạn không cần phải xoá lớp kem này đi, bởi vì chúng không gây tổn hại gì cả. Hãy cứ sử dụng phấn nền và trang điểm theo cách bạn mong muốn trong khi kem làm khô tiếp tục thực hiện công việc của mình làm hết mụn da mặt của bạn

Chườm đá là cách tuyệt vời để giảm bớt sự xấu xí của những chiếc mụn. Hãy bỏ đá vào một chiếc túi, sau đó chườm đá lên mụn trong 10 phút. Việc chườm đá sẽ làm mụn bị đóng băng, các tế bào co lại và bạn sẽ thấy, cách làm này mang lại hiệu quả bất ngờ khi những nốt mụn xẹp nhỏ lại.

Trà túi là một giải pháp tuyệt vời để làm những chiếc mụn xấu xí giảm kích thước và bớt đỏ. Hãy đun một chút nước sôi, nhúng túi trà vào trong nước (trà xanh là tốt nhất) sau đó đắp túi trà lên mụn. Chỉ sau vài lần là khuôn mặt của bạn có thể thoát khỏi những chiếc mụn xấu xí và bừng sáng.

Đến đây bạn đã giải đấp được câu hỏi làm sao để hết mụn của mình chưa nào?

Các mẹo trị mụn từ nguyên liệu thiên nhiên tuy rất an toàn và tiết kiệm nhưng lại mất quá nhiều thời gian của bạn mà hiệu quả lại chưa cao. Chính vì vậy, Phương đã tìm và cùng nhiều người đã trải nghiệm thành công với phương pháp trị mụn vô cùng tuyệt vời này. Vừa đem lại hiệu quả cao, vừa không mất nhiều thời gian như trước đây. Giờ đây, Phương rất tự tin với làn da sạch mụn và sáng mịn nhờ CÔNG THỨC 2 TUẦN SẠCH MỤN.